Mercadona Job: How Much Earn a Mercadona Worker?

Mercadona Job: How much does a Mercadona worker earn: salaries of their employees

Mercadona Job, one of Spain’s leading supermarket chains, is known for its vast workforce, exceeding 100,000 employees in its 1,626 stores across Spain and Portugal.
Have you ever wondered how much Mercadona employees earn? In this article, we’ll break down the salary structures for various positions within the company.

Salaries Based on Hours Worked (Mercadona Job:)

Salaries at Mercadona vary depending on the job position, working hours, and seniority. New employees without seniority typically start with a base salary of 1,507 euros gross per month. This was increased by 82 euros in 2023 due to a revaluation based on the Consumer Price Index.

Mercadona Job: Full-Time Employees

  • 1st Year: Full-time employees working 40 hours per week earn 1,507 euros gross per month.
  • 2nd Year: After two years, the salary increases to 1,655 euros/month.
  • 3rd Year: At three years, it grows to 1,838 euros gross per month.
  • 4th Year and Beyond: After four years, employees can earn up to 2,040 euros/month.

Part-Time Employees

  • 15 Hours/Week: Part-time employees working 15 hours per week earn 565 euros gross per month.
  • 20 Hours/Week: Those working 20 hours per week receive 753 euros per month.
  • Weekend Workers: Part-time employees working 15 hours on weekends also earn 565 euros per month.

Other Professional Profiles

Mercadona also employs professionals in various roles, such as administrative staff, engineers, lawyers, and more. Their salaries can vary significantly based on their roles and expertise.

Mercadona Job: Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Managers

Highly skilled professionals with a university degree can earn around 5,000 euros per month.

How to Work at Mercadona

To join Mercadona, you must meet specific requirements, including having a Compulsory Secondary Education degree, being of legal age (18 years old), and having residence near the job location. Additionally, you should be available to work flexible hours and as part of a team.

Q&A sections:

Q: How does Mercadona determine employee salaries?
A: Mercadona’s employee salaries are determined based on factors such as job position, working hours, and seniority within the company. New employees start with a base salary that increases as they gain more experience.

Q: What are the salary ranges for part-time workers at Mercadona?
A: Part-time workers at Mercadona receive salaries based on their weekly working hours. Those working 15 hours a week earn a different rate compared to those working 20 hours a week, and the same rate applies to weekend hours.

Applying for a Job

You can apply for Mercadona_job offers through their online portal, which allows you to search for positions that match your qualifications and preferences. If you meet the requirements and agree with the job details, you can register and apply directly through the portal.

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