Job in Ireland: Lucrative Job Opportunities for Spanish Workers

Ireland’s Urgent Call: Lucrative Job Opportunities for Spanish Workers

Job in Ireland: within the European Union, is actively seeking Spanish workers to fill diverse job positions, offering attractive salaries of up to €45,000. This article delves into the details of these enticing opportunities, the application process, and requirements.

Ireland job Opportunities Through EURES and SEPE

In collaboration with the EURES system, the SEPE web portal is showcasing 20 distinct job positions in Ireland. Ranging from health services to teaching, these roles promise quick and free incorporation.

Highlight Job in Ireland: Positions in High Demand

Among the sought-after positions is a unique opportunity for “experienced horse groomers and riders.” This role involves working on prestigious horse farms, adding an exciting dimension to the job offerings.

Job in Ireland Requirements for Applicants

  • Proficiency in grooming, trimming, drying, storing, feeding, and preparing horses.
  • Knowledge of the animal world and health-related matters.
  • Competence in marketing, market operations, and sales.
  • English proficiency between A2 and B1 levels.
  • Provision of two professional references.
  • European nationality.

Prospective candidates need to meet specific criteria, including proficiency in horse-related tasks, knowledge of the animal world, marketing competence, English proficiency (A2 to B1 level), provision of professional references, and European nationality.

Application Process and Deadline

Applicants have until February 28, 2024, to submit their resumes in English. Specific instructions for the equine-related positions include sending applications to, with a copy to The subject line should mention ‘Horse Groomers and Riders in Ireland.’

Job in Ireland: Benefits Beyond Salaries

Apart from competitive salaries, successful candidates in equestrian roles will have the opportunity to work on some of Ireland’s finest farms. Additional perks include assistance with accommodation and pre-departure procedures from Spain.

Job in Ireland: Full-Time Positions with Competitive Salaries

These are full-time positions with a 39-hour workweek. Salaries vary from €25,000 to €45,000, depending on the candidate’s experience and the specific role they undertake.

Fainaly, For Spanish individuals seeking a transformative career move, Ireland’s current recruitment drive provides a gateway to diverse and rewarding job opportunities. With attractive salaries and unique roles, these positions present a chance for Spanish workers to make a significant impact in the Irish job market.


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