Economic Outlook 2024: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities

The year 2024 poses significant challenges for businesses and consumers, testing their resilience in the face of a complex economic landscape marked by high interest rates, inflation, geopolitical events, and an unresolved reform agenda contributing to heightened uncertainty.(Economic Outlook 2024)

External Context of (Economic Outlook 2024)

Restrictive Financial Conditions

Financial conditions in developed countries have remained restrictive for over a year. Despite this, the economy and the labor market are undergoing orderly adjustments, avoiding a sharp downturn.

Inflation Dynamics of Economic Outlook 2024

Inflation has not subsided enough to prompt central banks to consider interest rate cuts in the first half of the year. Emergency actions might be necessary in the event of an economic crisis. China’s economic recovery has been weaker than expected, revealing structural issues hindering a return to pre-pandemic expansion rates.

Economic Activity and Inflation

Colombia’s Economic Landscape

Colombia anticipates slow economic growth similar to that of 2023, with the labor market beginning to show signs of deterioration. Household income, a significant driver of private spending, will be constrained by sluggish salary growth. Regulatory uncertainty and high capital costs are expected to keep investment below pre-pandemic levels.

Inflation Economic Outlook 2024

Inflation is projected to decrease in 2024 but will persist above the monetary policy objective. Consequently, the Bank of the Republic is expected to implement gradual interest rate cuts, maintaining a contractionary stance throughout the year.

External and Fiscal Accounts: Economic Outlook 2024

Current Account Adjustment

The economic slowdown has facilitated a current account deficit adjustment through reduced demand for imports. This adjustment has further strengthened the appreciation of the exchange rate. However, uncertainties loom over fiscal management, particularly regarding government spending in the coming year.

Sovereign Rating Concerns

Given the lingering doubts about fiscal management, there’s a likelihood that at least one rating agency may deliver a negative outlook for Colombia’s sovereign rating in 2024.

Financial Markets: Economic Outlook 2024

In 2023, the Colombian peso and local debt market experienced significant appreciations, supported by favorable oil prices. This correction marks a return to the league of their regional peers after the challenges faced in the second half of 2022.

Economic Outlook 2024: Future Projections

As we enter 2024, we anticipate upward pressure on the exchange rate due to external and domestic factors. Simultaneously, there’s room for additional valuations in the debt market, particularly in the short-term, driven by expectations of a consolidated monetary policy rate cut. This projection suggests a potential steepening of the fixed-rate TES yield curve throughout the year.


Navigating the economic landscape in 2024 requires a strategic approach, considering the interplay of global and local factors. Understanding the dynamics of inflation, fiscal management, and market trends will be crucial for businesses and investors seeking to thrive in this challenging environment.


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